اللغة العربية



It is an Arab and Gulf chat site that hosts foreigners from all over the world. Site visitors are persons coming from many countries from Europe, America, Canada. we offers meeting and date service in order to initiate new friendships as it provides direct chatting as well as voice messages and sending images among visitors and members. Most of it's services that we provide are free. There are also advantages the user can get in the numerous rooms such as name moderating and coloring, choosing an avatar, and many other advantages. these rooms is considered one of the most important dateing sites which gather Arab users in the world and beyond. it enables the users of knowing each other and making relationships and friendships easily.

Site and Chat Accession

You can access, visit the website and benefit from its services through web and mobile application. So it supports many browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Opera for Windows users and Safari for Macintosh and apple operating systems and computers. It also supports mobile mini virtual browsers like Android Chrome or Safari for IPad and IPhone. You could use mobile application where you have to download the android app "NaChat" from Playstore on your Galaxy devices or other devices that support android OS and possible at Appstore for IPhone and IPad devices.

The Interface

A visitor may enter as a guest without logging in as s/he writes an assumed name, chooses a gender, then presses "log in". it will chooses a chatting room which is available. After that, s/he can change the room if s/he wants to. It supports signing up for visitors which means that the visitor can reserve his/her assumed name using a password then login using the panel of members login after signing up. The signing member here will enter the account information then the website will enter him/ her as a member to chat rooms. Enter Chat

Available Advantages

- Changing font type, color, and size.
- Sending private and public half minute recorded voice messages.
- Sending pictures from gallery or using camera in private.
- Sending Smileys in both public rooms and private chats.
- Changing the icon or the person avatar image.
- Incoming text from a specific person can be ignored.
- The possibility of not receiving any private.
- Searching for guest username or a user during the list of the people chatting room.
- Changing users name color to pink, orange, or blue.
- Ability to change color to any color at anytime.
- Change option of background color at public and private.
- Supervisor membership including visitors watching and control over their blocking or general mute, and the supervisor member gets a red name color,and his/her messages squares becomes red as well.
- Master membership including watching visitors, unblock, and unmute them. It also includes reports of public text in all rooms and reports of supervisors' acts of blocking and restraining. The master can gets a special name shape with a golden color, and his/ her text messages background is colored with golden moving waves.