What Is This ..

This is an Arab and Gulf chat social network that warmly welcomes foreigners from every country around the world. This chat platform’s visitors are individuals coming from different countries in Europe, America and Canada. Our ultimate goal is to provide a platform that connects people to meet and date, thereby initiating new friendships.

To make things easier and even more interesting for our users, we have implemented some interesting features. Like: direct chatting, sending of voice messages and image sharing among visitors and registered members.

Your Advantages

what do you really get ?

We have the interest of our users in mind, so we implemented every feature that gives a never-ending whole new of fun to our users. Just to make everything colorful for everyone, we have added the following advantages to our website:

  • • Ability of users to change font type, color, and size.
  • • Sending of private and public half minute recorded voice messages.
  • • Selecting and sending of pictures from gallery or using camera in private.
  • • Sending smileys in both public rooms and private chats.
  • • Changing of displayed profile icon or avatar image.
  • • Ability of users to ignore messages coming from a specific person
  • • The possibility of not receiving any private messages.
  • • Searching for guest username or a user by making use of the list of the people in a chat room.
  • • Changing users name color to pink, orange, or blue.
  • • Ability to switch to the desired background color, either in a public and private chat.
  • • Supervisor membership including visitors watching and control over their blocking or general kick, mute.

Do You Have a Mobile Device?

Our mobile application available in Android and IOS and can be used with on wireless networks and on 3G as well. However, it performs maximally on a wireless network. It has been carefully programmed to save your login information when you try logging in for the first time. This way, you won’t necessarily have to keep entering your login information every time you want to access our website through the mobile app.
You can simply log in through the mobile application by clicking the “Chat” button on login as guest tab or sign up then Enter, which can be found in the main interface of the application after launching it. You can also retrieve your password through this method, in case you forgot it.

In case encounter any problems while making use of the mobile application, simply click on “contact us,” and every problem you may be facing concerning the app will be solved. This mobile application has a really friendly user interface, which you will find really easy to make use of. We also have a clear and simple navigational system that allows you access every feature of the website, thereby aiding effective communication with other users.